Dearest Tumblrs (and make a note that I do not approve of this spelling)—-

It is with customary shock and I that I find we’ve reached the end of another year.  And we’re still here.  We’re intact, more or less.  

There’s a lot of the less now and I find myself adjusting all the time to the “new normal.”  I suspect that won’t change in the new year.

Personally I find I enjoy my offspring — my tender science experiments — I’ve named Exhibits A, B, and C — more than ever.  (Sometimes I find them ornery and stubborn, but then, who isn’t?)  They make me laugh; they laugh at me, and get me in ways that maybe no one else can.

Here’s what I’m looking forward to:  No Bread in January (but not eagerly); Writing my next book, a new living room carpet, Exhibit B getting into the college of her choice, Exhibit A’s enjoyment of college, Exhibit C’s continued mastery of academia, good health & spirits for Mummy, a chance to be on the radio more often, and more great times with my wonderful friends.

I don’t want to be political here, but we have to make politics a field that attracts the best, not just the most ambitious.  (I have no clue how to do that.  Just a wish.)  And while we’re at it, if one can pray away the gay, can one pray away the grey?  That’s a dream of mine.  (I spend a lot of time praying at the hairdresser’s.)

Let’s all live more and text less.  And remember, this tumblr has been monitored for quality assurance.