So what else is new?  It's the last quarter of FY2014 and I'm still thinking of the brave new world of websites.  In fact, I no longer can explain the stubborn reluctance I had about establishing a website in the first place.  I saw other writers' websites and thought them fine, pleasant, complicated.  

Did the notion itself seem…. pushy?  (Yes, I'm whispering.)  Did it seem unnecessary?  (Ditto.)  Did I think I earned some kind of life credits for going without a website?  (No comment.) 

Interruption:  When I tried to find a visual to post here which would suggest pushiness, Google suggested I use a picture of Princess Michael of Kent, shown here:  


Rude, no?  When I think of "pushiness" I think of stage mothers

Or the people who thrive off them.

Pushy, Pushier, PUSHIEST.


But, back to me.

photo, courtesy of Elena Seibert.

photo, courtesy of Elena Seibert.

I am going to launch a website, and this will happen soon.  It also took me years to get cable, join Facebook, and learn to drive.  Soon, I will be a full-fledged member of the digital race.  And then I will be better able to communicate with you and my science experiments.