2015 certainly galloped in, didn't it?  Galloped in and left destruction and despair all over.  Right now, we are with the French people, we are with civilized people all over the world, the ones who probably watch news in their countries and wonder at all the gun fatalities in the United States.  And now, regardez:  

#IAmCharlie  #JeSuisCharlie #JeSuisJuif #WeAreNotAfraid.  

Some days I wonder whether my ideas and the way I express them are clear enough.  Communicating digitally one risks the loss of nuance.  Irony is lost.  I've had some unpleasant surprises when I thought my irony or -- horrors -- sarcasm -- was misunderstood.  Years ago a friend asked me to lunch by email, and I responded, "Well…. okay, if you insist."  I thought I was being droll; he thought I was not interested in getting together.  A faux pas was born and I've never forgotten it.

And, to paraphrase Jon Stewart, funny isn't the same as courage.  It was never meant to be.  To poke fun is meant to create dialogue, not to ask for trouble.  Not every cartoon will strike everyone as funny, or tasteless, or vulgar, or clever, or mundane, or blasphemous.  That's what makes this an interesting ride.  

Our differences are profound.  Sometimes when I talk to friends, I'm amazed by how differently we see the world, and yet there's more to learn from people who see things in a new way.  

Captain Obvious, wishing you a peaceful weekend.