I want my children (aka my "Exhibits") to know that I couldn't be more proud of them. They participated and paid attention to this election with a grave responsibility. Their collective disappointment and even sense of betrayal make me sad, but I know they feel what they feel because they were so engaged in the process. They have been involved in politics since they were small when we would spend weekends every four years canvassing and campaigning in Pennsylvania.

We've been through losses before, though this one feels more monumental. Today feels like 9/12 in New York -- the day after a tragedy that changed what "normal" was, and with a looming presence of Rudolf Guiliani, to boot.

Nevertheless, reading today's remarks and post mortems on Facebook, and agreeing with all of my curated friends and acquaintances, I think I'm going to take an extended leave of Facebook. We're just talking to ourselves here, after all, and not doing anything more active. ("Oh, I went to Philadelphia; isn't that great?") I am as guilty as anyone.

If you want me, find me at www.lisabirnbach.com. I'll start talking to myself there. I'm not giving up; I'm trying to find a more productive use of my time and skills. Besides, I have ITALICS on my page!  

I wish us all well.