Remember when Facebook was pictures of everyone's vacation feet and baby photographs, and crowdsourcing toaster ovens? Now with some intervals to announce deaths or serious medical declines of loved ones (eliciting prayers and positive vibes), it's all bad Trump news all the time. 
I am gutted by what is happening in and to this country. My worst fears have been realized.

I'm as angry as any of you, I think. Maybe even more. When I read Facebook and Twitter, and the paper, and open links, I find myself unable to function. 
What is my function? Surely I'm not a curator of my echo chamber any more.

Social media has fulfilled its purpose in many ways -- it's gathered like-minded people together. Thereafter, how do we manage to get on with our days and move beyond the anger and frustrations? (Yes Senators Brown, Warren, Schumer, and SANDERS have voted to approve some of Trump's cabinet appointees.) It is unseemly to spend too much time on this virtual bulletin board, but it seems irresponsible to ignore it.

I have no answers for you, friends, friends of friends, the brother-in-law of that woman I once worked with at that place, and dear total strangers.

We can go high when they go low, but I sense that all of us are feeling low, spent, and helpless.

And now, some pretty  pictures for you.


I call my representatives every day, I sign petitions, and I am part of an action network.  But I must have a life apart from this mess.  As do you.

What are you all doing to compartmentalize the news (real and alternative) away from the rest of you?  I'd like to hear from you.

With hope,