It's late Friday afternoon, so I need to be fast.  Forgive me.  I'll spend more time on the blog next week.



1. Old Friends    I've seen quite a few in the last week or so.  WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?  Actually I think the correct question is, "Where have I been?"  To be honest, I get very wrapped up in my family.  Is everyone well?  Is everyone happy?  Is anyone happy?  What do I need to do to help?  Anyway, one of life's treasures is an old friend, and this week was rich in them.  Life has also brought me new friends in the past year, and I'm enjoying cultivating those new friendships.  And as I get older, I'm thinking of making some younger friends too.  It's not high school anymore.  Besides, some of the freshmen are fun.

2.  The Washington Post.  



Their last giant moment, above.  Their new giant moment:  solid reporting every single day, reminding us that journalism is a noble and perilous career -- if done honorably and doggedly.

3.  Libraries Without Borders.  My new favorite non-profit organization.  Check it out!

4.  Lilac season.  (It's late this year, but coming soon.)




Saluting Robert Mueller.  

Love, Lisa