This was the view outside my window last week while I was away.  It was like living in a painting. In all fairness, going far away and being surrounded by beauty could be numbers 1-5, without exaggeration.   Look at that sky!  And the air was perfumed -- deeply perfumed with jasmine and lavender.  

1) When you go far away, problems at home diminish.  

2) When you stay in a 900 year old farm house, the WIFI isn't reliable.

3) When the WIFI isn't reliable, (or, frankly, even if it is) you leave your digital footprints and fingerprints behind... at home.  If it's a choice to breathe in the air, drink a little wine ("little" is a relative term), read a book, visit with friends, pick the cherries off the tree in the garden, or go inside to the room with best reception to read about Trump and his cronies?  Air and cherries win every time.

4) Italian people are so stylish!  They don't seem to overthink it; they just simply are.

5) Robert S. Mueller, il nostro uomo del momento.

Ciao, xx