If you’ve been on vacation these last few weeks, you may not have heard the story about the journalist who was sexually assaulted by a businessman 23 years ago and told only two people.

That journalist was my friend E. Jean Carroll.  The businessman was Donald Trump. 

I was the friend E. Jean telephoned from the street outside of Bergdorf Goodman, her favorite  department store.

Reliving my friend’s agony was tough this week; reading the nasty and cowardly things that anonymous strangers posted to her made me ill, but I still came away with 5 Things that made life better.

And since it’s our one year birthday, a celebration is in order. So that’s why I asked my friend Jamie Lee Curtis to join me on Episode 52. She’s my gift to you. Click the link above to listen to our discussion.

E. Jean Carroll

E. Jean Carroll

Lisa and Jamie circa 1989

Lisa and Jamie circa 1989

The 5 Things that made Lisa’s life better this week.

1. Support is support is support….. It’s not quite love, but the enormous outpouring of gratitude towards Carol, the other corroborator and me made my heart swell.  I heard from people from every era of my life, and they were so touched and grateful to have my simple back up.  It was as if everyone was E. Jean last week

2. Friends who helped me make the difficult decisions about the media. I was overwhelmed by the options, and unsure how to proceed, and if I wanted to proceed. Jamie, Maria, Shelley helped me tremendously. Also thanks to Susan, Diane, Star, Shpresa, and my Exhibits.

3. Help.  If you have a friend who is abused or raped, or you yourself are dealing with sexual violence, please know there are lots of resources for you:   National Sexual Assault Hotline Call 1-800-656-4673  Available 24 hours everyday.

4. Get away if you can. We had long standing plans to visit our friends Shelley and Dennis on Long Island, and the timing couldn’t have been better. We went to the beach, which as you might recall, is my favorite place to be. And Saturday night we enjoyed a sunset that looked like it could have been painted by Tintoretto.

5. Honesty.  It’s not the best policy; it’s the only policy. When you are truthful, you don’t have to calculate about what to tell or say or worry about keeping your story straight. There are no alternatives. It’s easy. It’s the right thing to do.


And the 5 Things that make Jamie’s life better along with a poem that she wanted to share:


1.    Sobriety

2.    Health care

3.    My healthy and wise children, and man

4.    Creativity - High 5

5.    Her rescue dog, Runi