First, forgive me for being so derelict in my promise to post this little blogette to you last week.  Between the rain, the tennis, the start of the school year, the security alert, Fashion Week, and a (very) long line at Staples, the time just disappeared.  

Indian Summer (we’re not calling it “Native American Summer” yet, are we?) is a beautiful time of the year, but also a difficult time for dressing.   It’s breezy one day, and then hot and balmy the following day, then pours and is frigid for the next two — what’s a preppy to do?

May I suggest seersucker? I’ve seen the future of early fall, and it is black and navy seersucker.  It’s available at our own resources (L.L. Bean Signature, Brooks Brothers,) as well as in department stores with trendier designers (Band of Outsiders, Rag & Bone).   I have a perfect navy blue seersucker dress from Tommy Hilfiger that even works under a shawl or a jacket for cooler nights.  You will always looks crisp in seersucker.  

Linen won’t keep crisp but it is a lightweight fabric that is always available in a darker, more autumnal range of colors.  I’ve owned linen garments that were labelled “Guaranteed to wrinkle.”  That is for sure.  You may still wear your navy linen blazer throughout the fall, and if you live in the warmer parts of the United States (particularly the areas that are not on fire) a navy blazer is your go-to year round staple.

Khaki pants work year round. In the winter, though, it’s advisable to own them in a tropical wool.  They hold their shape, drape more luxuriously, and look like you put a tiny bit of thought (let’s not get carried away) into your outfit.

I started to write about the warmer layers that we will start piling on, and then thought better of it.  Plenty of time for that later.  

Always love to hear from you.