First, there was the word, and the word was Omniscient.  (This is what Google offers by way of its images.  Icky, but it’ll do.)

Then for most of the week, the strongest contender was :

MULCH.  It was something on a lot of minds as one must get ready for summer and winter at the same time.  (Will we remember the winter of 2012 as an oddity?  Time can only tell. We may look back on this winter as the last normal winter.)  What did the Mayans say?

Then, to my utter disappointment, I practically had to beg for votes.  (The difference between begging and “practically begging” is academic.  Unseemly for a preppy like me.)

BUT YOU DELIVERED!  Boy did you.  It was neck and neck and neck for the last 24 hours.  Really.  

Now you’ve already guessed the winner.  (It’s Courtney.)   I present this week’s winner with many sugarplums and calories:  

By the way, a patissier (or more properly, le patissier) is the actual pastry chef, not the pastry.  Some of you may have commented on how you would like to eat a patissier, but I think — in your enthusiasm — you meant to say a patisserie, which is the pastry itself.  

Does wearing a toque make a pastry taste better?

Bien sur!  (I wish I had a clue where the circumflexes were on my thingy.)

A bientôt!  (How did it know?)

New Words Arriving Shortly.
Bon weekend!