I have brought my children/Science Experiments to the New York bus stop designated as the pickup place for their summer camp.  They have been fortunate enough to attend a wonderful camp in Maine which has enough kids from the NY area (but not too many) that each year’s departure becomes more ritualized.  Now, my older kids (and former campers)Exhibit A and Exhibit B, are part of the goodbye group that assembles very early on the sidewalk with parents and siblings, as we see off Exhibit C for her 6th summer!

As at any ritual, there are people in tears (sometimes kids, sometimes parents).  Some people look barely awake (that would include me) and some are very alert, arriving with still-wet hair from the shower.  As I am a sentimentalist, I feel great affection for the camp director, the other parents I remember from the year before (but whose names I don’t know), and the whole experience.

I’ve taken a picture of the best moment, which is when the bus is fully loaded with kids and duffel bags.  No one leaves before the bus pulls away.  No one!