When I was asked to maintain the True Prep facebook page, I was game.  (And as you must know by now — as I haven’t yet tired of declaring — “I’m a giver.”)  

Then I was asked to Tweet.  Did I refuse?  Do I try to deliver quality apercus on a daily basis?  

Now it’s come to this.  My “bloggy thing” has been dormant, and frankly, disappointing. Not changing, not updating, not fun, not real.

Until now.  

Starting tomorrow, I believe, you can type Trueprep.com into your thingy, and I think you will find my blog.  

I’ve been against blogging because the word is gross, suggesting a bodily function gone awry.  (“Oh Jane, your blog is growing.  It’s getting redder.”)  Ew.  And, candidly, like writing for Arianna Huffington, it doesn’t pay.  Writing is hard enough.  We need incentives!  But like any giver, I have things to tell you (not share with you.  Shudder.)

My recent evangelical trip to Europe taught me a lot that I’d like to discuss with you here.  Better still, when my children, Exhibit B and Exhibit C, return home from school this afternoon, I’ll be able to post pictures from the trip as well.

Here’s to this!