You voted for Misanthrope.  It means one who distrusts or dislikes humankind.  How to illustrate this Winning Word?  (Truth be told I was hoping macaronage would win, for two reasons.  One was I had just seen the word for the first time ever, and second was the yummy pictures that would look pretty running through our typewriter.)  

Comme Ca:  

or comme ça:  

(I have this image on a handkerchief I bought in Japan last year.  Always gives me a little jolt of the preposterous when I blow my nose into it.)

But instead we have people who don’t like other people.  I have a few people-haters on my radar, but don’t want to even think about them.  Even putting the dreadful Coulter here is difficult for me, but we had to have someone, and she qualifies as a person.  (It’s not even political.  She is just plain mean and mean-spirited.)  If you have a more worthy misanthrope, let me know.  I’d be happy to replace her.

This set of words was inspired by Mike Anthony, who offered up “Mingle.”  I like that word too.  

And having had a weekend of high school theatricals, I am coming to you a day late.  My apologies.  Eat a pistachio macaron.  By tomorrow at this time, the new words will be up and voting will have started.

Ta Ta,