Hey there,

Where are the pictures of you or your children, dressed as ne’er do wells, non-profit administrators, and curators?  I meant it when I said I wanted to see them.

Yes, I’m a giver, but please, would you decorate this page with pictures of yourselves as Prepoween wastrels?

Meanwhile, I’ve been moving, which means packing and unpacking and packing again, as I am deciding to live with less stuff and move more possessions into storage.  I haven’t changed my life this dramatically in a long time, but it feels apt in my apt..  (Get it?)  Also, since Exhibit B will be off to college in the fall, I’m in for a lot of changes going forward — might as well get on with it.

As you know, the paperback edition of True Prep was just released, looking even more classic in its automnal colors, and I love it!  I’m talking to a lot of radio hosts — even one or two who prepared by reading some of the book — but not travelling so much.  (When I had a radio show, I wouldn’t dream of not reading a guest’s book, if he or she were scheduled to talk about it.  But I guess that most current hosts don’t see that as part of their jobs.)  But I don’t like to complain.

If you are not far from Providence, R.I., I will be signing books at the Brown University Bookstore on November 10th at 5:30.  And I will be signing books at North River Outfitters in Boston on November 21.  

More soon.  It’s BloodyMary O’Clock.