I am hoping that Ben and Mrs. Ben (see previous message) have fun in the blogosphere.  I still don’t know what I’m doing here, but preppies and technology have never been a good combo:  we leave our thingies everywhere, misplace the USB cord (does it stand for the University of California at Santa Barbara?), and forget how to tape the tv shows we like.

We drunk text, we mistweet, and so on.  It’s not pretty or preppy.

Alors.  C’est la guerre.

Exhibit A has returned to school.  Exhibits B and C start back on Friday.  It has been a different kind of summer, but the world is feeling different in many ways.  Today my bff  downloaded two novels I recommended to her while on our 2 minute phonecall.  I read that paperbacks are on the decline (front page of today’s New York Times), but in the jump the article clarifies that trade paperbacks are still selling.  True Prep will be out in trade paperback in November.  (And Chip designed an even more attractive cover for the paperback than he did for the hardcover.)

Mass market books have given way to e-books, but I somehow think anyone reading my blog isn’t reading romances or other pulpy fiction.  (Not judging; just saying.)

How will people read in the future?  What about you?  How do you read?

Go outside.  Bring a book.  Or bring a “book” if you read that instead.  Eat a nectarine.