I was fantasizing about a beach vacation:  Balmy weather, welcoming surf, inconspicuous waiters offering mixed rum drinks to me while stretched out beneath a palm tree.  The smell of sun screen.  My paperbacks getting just a bit sandy….

I’d go on, but you got the picture:  

(That’s Bora Bora beckoning above.)

It’s a LAGOON.

What’s missing from this hallucination?  Why, a hammock, of course!  

I love the beach.     

Love the sound of the waves.  Love the way the sun dapples through the leaves, and the sounds of breezes through the trees.  

What do I wear for these pleasures?  A maillot de bain, of course.  

The maillot is the fashion designer’s name for a woman’s one-piece swimsuit, also called a tank suit.

I forgot we used to call them “tank suits.”  I can so vividly remember shopping with my mother for a tank.  (Hers.)  

Notice the model is standing before the phosphorescent waters (of a pool).

The winning word was HAMMOCK.  

I made you read to the end.

Exhibit B., just returned from her own Caribbean idyll, thinks Word of the Week is silly.  Do you?  I’ll keep blogging, but I can leave out the vocabulary game, a vestige of my former radio show.

Let me know, won’t you?