For me, the pleasure of writing — which is different from writing — has much more to do with finding the precise way of expressing what I feel I want to express.  To be candid, it has very little, if nothing to do with the reader; if I’m faithful to my intentions, I hope readers will follow along.  

Over the years I have heard from more of you than I would have ever expected.  In the “olden days,” I received many letters, cards, thank you’s, why didn’t you’s, and could you’s.  

Now with all the accessibility of the www, it is not a big deal to communicate with anyone anymore.  Most writers have websites, Facebook accounts, blogs, Twiiter, Instagrams, Pinterest accounts, and so on.  

And over the last few years my inboxes are filled with questions about what to wear to an afternoon wedding in a pasture, questions about shoes, questions about colleges, and so on.  It is fun to receive them, and I enjoy answering them.

I rarely hear from anyone from outside the preppy realm.  (Look, I get that I’m writing this on a blog entitled True Prep.) Duh.

But I did get a note from someone who found a copy of True Prep at his military base in the Gulf and felt like writing.  Really?  How did it get there? What would make my book appealing to someone fighting in a war?  (I didn’t address the notion of camouflage — which I should if I ever update it, and there’s little time for squash or apres ski in Islamabad.)  In other words, I appreciated his note, and I was a little embarrassed about it as well.  Frequently I just feel like a goofball, doing my goofball thing.  

I enjoyed it, thank you for writing it.”

He didn’t have to say that.  He didn’t have to do that.

My response:

"I was moved to read that you found one of my books while serving our country. Thank you for that. I hope it took you out of the grit and grind of what you were doing, even for a few moments. "

I love hearing from all of you.  In a way, I wish all of my writing could be a dialogue instead of the monologue it is.  

Thank you all for writing.  We need one another.