It’s January 11th already? How did that happen? Stop going so fast! What’s the hurry?

I am kidding, I think. I make this joke every week, and it gets less funny with each passing week. Why do I stubbornly keep at it? Never mind, because today’s podcast will certainly make you laugh. My guest is the always funny and warm Caroline Rhea!


You may know Caroline from her role as Aunt Hilda in the original “Sabrina the Teenage Witch.” Or from the Match Game, or from the Caroline Rhea Show (formerly Rosie O’Donnell’s talk show). I’ve known her (not well) for a while. And we live in the same New York neighborhood.

Enough about her. Now it’s about me. My Five Things;


1) I recently learned that I’ve developed late onset allergies. They are mysterious and disturbing. How could I suddenly develop an allergic reaction to the watch I wear every day? None of the doctors I’ve seen (four or five so far) have been able to be definite about what is happening or why. But the third dermatologist I consulted just told me that I am not allergic to wool or cashmere. It was a close call. Phew. I would have hated to have parted with all those cozy sweaters I live in. So now I’m looking at my sweaters with new delight. Everything old gets to stay even longer. There will be no Kondoing of my sweaters for now.


2) A bracing walk outside every afternoon. I cannot tell you how long it is, or how many steps I take, but an afternoon walk with all its head-clearing potential is on my hit list. (Dogs are excellent for this purpose.) My intention is to clear my head, so texting and using the phone don’t improve this experience. Just walk. Think. Don’t think. Look around. Do an errand if you must, but be out there.


3) . I read and enjoyed The Wife when it was published fifteen years ago. I am a fan of Meg Wolitzer’s writing and found her novel about the wife of a heavy duty literary award-winning novelist to be compelling, funny, and smart. In December, the film based on her book was released, starring Glenn Close, Jonathan Pryce, and Christian Slater. Glenn Close is winning awards and nominations for her work in it. Because I had the opportunity to interview Meg this week on behalf of the Brown Club (we are both alumnae), I reread The Wife. It is better than I remembered. In fact, it is exquisite. Read it.

4) I just discovered that there are stores or cafes all over Manhattan that double as secure storage places for luggage. What a brilliant idea! I can imagine it was after someone had to take their bags with them after leaving their Airbnb, and they weren’t leaving the city for hours, and the shlepping and stopping and starting just made everything not fun.


Since I live here, I don’t need to store my own suitcases at a shoemaker’s shop, but I seriously appreciate it when tourists aren’t walking down the sidewalk with huge rolling bags by their sides. Thank you for this innovation.


5. Thank you, Robert Mueller. We’re relying on you to help return our democracy back to the people.

And now, here are Caroline Rhea’s Five Things


1) Anything to do with her daughter Ava (pronounced, “Ava.”)

2) Caroline’s 53 year old Soul Cycle teacher and friend, Sue Molnar


3. Being with her sisters


4. Being in New York City. (Caroline is currently in exile in Los Angeles.)

5. Having coffee at Starbucks with her best friend. (It’s not about the coffee.)

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Stay cool and act natural!