Lisa Birnbach and Chip Fisher

Lisa Birnbach and Chip Fisher

I feel I have to talk fast because summer is ending fast.  I’ve never sensed a brisker summer.  Maybe it’s because in our family, we front-load our season, heading off on a big trip in early June before the crowds and the heat become oppressive.

Or maybe – as is the reason for so many things – it’s just age, and the perception that there is less and less time.  On that happy note, I want to tell you that today’s guest is Chip Fisher, the chairman of Fisher-Wallace Laboratories, maker of a therapeutic but drug free machine that alleviates symptoms of PTSD, insomnia, and depression. 

Meanwhile, back at headquarters, life has been sweet.  My son, the redoubtable #ExhibitA™ has been back in New York on a work trip, which means he’s staying with us.  Which I love.  I love to take care of my exhibits and of course, their exhibits.  Whether it’s cooking for them, putting out fluffy towels for their use, or just turning on the air conditioning before the arrival, it’s a warm and happy feeling.

Onto the week’s 5 Things:

Stone Fruit.jpg

1. I’ll say it before and I’ll say it again. I love the hybrid stone fruits of summer. I know they are somehow wrong, like having a pet liger, but they just taste so good. And it’s not like I’m breeding them or anything. Pluots, plumcots – both mixtures of plums and apricots have their own partisans, of course. Plumcots were invented by the great American botanist and agricultural scientist, Luther Burbank, who gave us many species of fruit, vegetables, and flowers. Anyway, nectarine, shmectarine – I eat them and love them and they are a big part of my love for the summer.

Poetry (2).jpg

2. Poetry. Yes, it’s sometimes hard to read. Yes, you might have to be in the right mood – which is hard to establish. But poetry is a powerful art form, and I think it’s good for our souls. (I don’t have a study to prove it, but please hear me out.). To really focus on what is written, you have to tune everything else out, which is good for us. If you prefer, you can hear poetry read on line, which is also great and moving. Here, at Poetry Foundation, there’s a poem of the day for your enjoyment and enlightenment, as well as a treasure trove of other verse. If you haven’t listened to our episode with Erica Jong (Friday, August 16, 2019), you might listen to her read her own poem, “Poetry is Better than Xanax.” Just read one a day – maybe part of your meditation or intent setting. It’s like vegetables – good for you!

The Crown 1.jpg

3. Recently, I shared with you how excited I am about the forthcoming of the movie sequel to the series of “Downton Abbey.” Today, I join that with the anticipation of the next season of “The Crown.” For those of you who are not already fans of actress Olivia Colman, the star of “The Favourite,” and last year’s best actress Oscar winner, well I predict you will be soon. She takes over from the magnificent Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth in her middle years. I have never seen any production for tv with such lavish production values and extraordinary attention to detail. Awaiting this pleasure will sustain me through the next few months.

Amazon FLEABAG.jpg

4. Kim France discussed this in her 5 Things, and I need to reiterate that the Amazon series “Fleabag” is terrific.  It took me a few episodes to get into it, especially as the title character is cranky, angry, and not too sympathetic.  But Phoebe Waller-Bridge who wrote it and stars is too smart to create a one-dimensional character, and she certainly doesn’t let her off the hook.  The cast of supporting actors do a lot of heavy lifting and they are all – especially Olivia Colman – fantastic.

The Beach 2.jpg

5. The Beach! I’ve been to the beach three or four times this summer, besting last year’s record. Oh so wonderful! Most recently, we got to spend an afternoon on the strictly beach pass monitored Lucy Vincent Beach on Martha’s Vineyard, and though the water was too cold for me the breezes and the company of my brother, sister in law, and nephew were all I needed. Rx. Beach.

And now, please welcome Chip Fisher.

Chip Fisher - chairman of Fisher-Wallace Laboratories

Chip Fisher - chairman of Fisher-Wallace Laboratories

Chip’s 5 Things:

1. Backgammon

2. Watercolors

3. Licorice

4. Wet Dogs

5. Hot Dogs


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