It's Friday, and the heavens have opened up over the East Coast.  I've decided that since I've been blue since approximately (checks calendar, which in my case is in a leather-bound book) November 8, 2016, I would try uplift by way of five things that cheer me up, or that I appreciate every week.  Five For Friday.

As I'm a giver, I am happy to start this off, but don't be shy.  I'd love to read your Five Things too. We all would, right?  (Everyone is nodding vigorously.)

I will try to do this every Friday.  Maybe we can turn this into a thing (We have italics here on Squarespace!) 


The Students of Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School:  They survived the unthinkable and the unforgettable and have transformed swiftly into leaders.  Do they make me hopeful?  You bet.  Somehow these young, fragile voices are carrying where ours seem to go nowhere.  With passion, authenticity, and fervor they just might be able to change our country's love affair with weapons of war. 


Half and Half:  Any brand, as long as it has full fat.  We only use a few drops anyway; why not make your coffee delish?  (And when friends and acquaintances order their half caff/ skim latte/all foam drinks and look at me and say, "You're so bad!" I feel sorry for them.  Is this bad?  Really?  I could show you bad.  And even the French fries I plan to eat aren't bad. They may not be healthy, but they are not evil or cruel ... unless they are cold.)  If you are allergic to lactose or cow's milk, that's another story, and I am sorry.

Nylon Dog Poop Bag Holders:  

IMG_2090 (1).JPG


I used to have an embarrassingly large red then blue then green plastic bone-shaped container that attached to our dog's leash.  Dependably, half of the bone would somehow unscrew itself, and I would be trailed by a stream of poop bags.  When this happened I was unaccountably embarrassed -- it was a public accident.  Makes no sense, but I would panic and try to gather up all the bags quickly without garnering attention.  (Think toilet paper on your shoe.)  Anyway, this carrier is guaranteed not to break.  Yay.

Henry, aged 8 or 9:

Henry is a Hoosier, a rescue, and a good boy.  Naturally, he is the reason for the gizmo I praised above.  He may be a Schnauzer, is certainly a terrier, and has changed our lives for the better, though certainly added complications, too.  The big question I wonder sometimes is "who rescued whom"?   At the moment, Henry is sitting in a chair near mine, listening to me type and listen to....

WQXR classical radio:  Based in New York City, you can stream it online as well.  My parents had this radio station on all weekends in their house and I go through periods of my life where it is essential to my wellbeing.  Originally owned by the New York Times, the station is owned now by WNYC, our public radio station, so news breaks are provided by NPR.  I don't know how many classical radio stations exist in this country, but they are precious.  


Have a great weekend.  Stay warm and dry.  


Love, Lisa