It was wonderful to see that some of us are on the same wavelength.  I'd call it "Enough with all the crap that's bombarding us; which smaller, personal things help cheer me up?"  It's a little bit of a gratitude exercise blended with some random recommendations, and topped off with a dash of optimism.  

I want to thank Nikki Stern, Kelly Curtis, EM, Katy Coffey, John Douglas Marshall, Karen Berlin Ishii, Honore Ervin, Shpresa Oruci, Deb Broide, Diane Heller, Juliet Roscigno-Filipkowski, Lisa Kulick Aiden, Dennis Wipper, and Barbara Webb for their contributions.  Maybe this week, we'll get even more.  Remember this is INTERACTIVE!


  • THURSDAY:  This Thursday was my favorite day.  I spoke with all three of my Exhibits tm,  and not one of them scolded me for being... you know.... too me. Even more unusual and pleasurable was that my son, Exhibit A, texted me out of the blue to see if I wanted to have lunch with him.  I did.  (I always want to have lunch with my kids.)  And we had a quick, unexpected time together.
  • CREAM OF WHEAT:  I had forgotten how comforting this breakfast food was.  The last time I made it was probably for a toddler or two I had living with me -- (those wily exhibits).  Anyway, in the cold and thundersnow I had the inexplicable urge for Cream of Wheat for my own breakfast, and it delivered coziness and comfort in every spoonful.  If you are unfamiliar with it, it's like grits for Yankees.  (Waiting for the dissent to come pouring in.)  I love mine with a big pat of butter in it.  Others like raisins, honey, or maple syrup.  Or copy the serving on the box.
  • THE EXTRA-LONG PHONE CHARGING CORD that my boyfriend got me: No matter where I sleep on my bed, I can charge my phone and reach it, too.  You have no idea how much stress I had with the regular, much shorter cord.  I didn't either until I got my new one.  Phew.
  • OPENTABLE.COM:  I'm not their spokesperson, and it's not even new or even unique, but the ease of making restaurant reservations just using an app is pretty fantastic.   Sometimes it doesn't work as well on my laptop.  I'll want to go to restaurants that don't use the service.  But by and large Opentable is a helpful, time saving tool.
  • MY WRISTWATCH:  I love wristwatches, and own about six of them, though I tend to be conventional and only wear one at a time.  I never remove my watch before bedtime.  I usually wake up once or twice in the night, and I like seeing the time (generally in the 3s and 6s).  Leaving the house without a watch on my left wrist (it's happened occasionally) makes me feel untethered, even though my phone has a clock in it. 

Until next week, my lovelies....