Hello again.  Have you ever felt as if life were coming at you like a ballboy?  (The mechanical ones which send you hundreds of serves practically before you can return one? -- if the settings are too fast?)  That's what this week seemed like to me.  Whooh -- there goes Tillerson!  Now here's Stormy's lawyer.  Look sharp because another aid was fired, and the president lied to the Prime Minister of Canada.  Whoah.  Too fast.  Too soon.  Too much.

Walter Shaub, who was the director of the government's Office of Ethics until 2017 (having served there since 2006, under President George W. Bush) blamed himself earlier in the week for taking a "rare nap".  (He slept through the first reports that the Secretary of State had been fired by tweet.  It reminded me of the great movie comedy "Airplane!," in which the Chicago airport tower supervisor, played by Lloyd Bridges, realizes he "picked the wrong week to quit smoking."

In any case, this is March Madness, and the only sane response is to try to enjoy the moments in between the chaos.


1.  Once again I must admit my favorite thing was a 3/3 day, when I speak to all of my exhibits.  I have always known that I am a gooey, mushy mother, but feeling that streak of joy at just connecting with all of them, is deep.  I worry that I hover too closely over them, so when they call.... it makes me happy.  (Even if it's a call for money.)  (Luckily, they never read this blog.)

2.  My friends.  I could cry with gratitude for all of you.  You're there with a funny text, or a virtual high-five.  I try to be the friend I want to cultivate.  Somedays I feel like a misanthrope, and you save me... from me.

3.  Since I practiced Drynuary, (my least favorite fad), I have enjoyed drinking less than usual.  Instead of two glasses of wine, I find myself drinking one and feeling more satisfied.  This is not a lecture.  I adore adult beverages and am a practiced self-medicator.   But though the cocktails help dull reality, reality has also dulled the pleasures of the grape, and the mash, and the juniper berry, and the agave plant.  So less might really be more.

4.  Erasable pens.  I knew they existed, but I forgot to get one.  Then my friend Laurie pressed one into my hands, and presto!  My date book is cleaner.  It was covered with scribbles and crossings out. It may not seem much to you, but it's BIG for me. 


5.  Robert Mueller.


Have a merry weekend!