Pardon me, friends.  I am sorry I let you down last week.  With my house full of bronchitis and la grippe, and the Exhibits home for the holiday, the blog wasn't on my mind.  I prepared a Passover Seder for 18 and am thinking about how great it was to assemble (almost) our entire family together at one very long and oddly-shaped table.  Because of logistics it doesn't happen often, and as my nieces and nephews begin to go hither and yon to college it may happen less often, but when it does it makes me grateful.

1)  I am descended from women who were not cooks. At least the two generations preceding mine were almost disastrous in the kitchen, and thus I was given no instruction whatsoever on how to cook or even cook-ish.  When I had a large kitchen and small kids, I was more of a "meal curator" (I know) than the chef de cuisine. (I'd get the chicken from Yura [gourmet shop] and the roasted brussels sprouts from Ageta [another gourmet shop] and pair them with my OWN baked potatoes.  This is after graduating from heating chicken nuggets.)  By the time my kids were in their late teens, I was able to cook a few reliable dishes.  Of course, I didn't get the hankering for cooking until I moved into a house with a tiny kitchen -- 4 burners, no counter space.   

Now when I cook I feel I am serving love on the plate as well.  I think it's because cooking isn't easy for me.  It's always stressful -- particularly in the time management aspects -- so it is an effort, but worth the time and the worry.  Anyway...

2)  This is a good place to mention my long-time partner.  He uncomplainingly helped do a massive amount of cooking and zhushing up.  He is a good man and a great helpmeet (the original word for I think "helpmate." (See below.)  And I am always grateful for him in my life.

He had a helpmeet as ancient as himself, but who differed from him in having a hump.”

The Story of Tim

3)  We have some Gluten-free people in our midst.  [Comedian Donell Rawlings says, "I heard Gluten Free, I said how long was he Locked up?"]  This year it was easy to find gluten-free matzah.  One that was terrific:  


We didn't care for the others.

4)  I found some early LILACS -- this blush color.


I can't smell them yet (my cold) but they look wonderful.

5)  Robert Mueller. 


Until Friday,

Lisa xx




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