A propos of several emails I've received, I understand some of you would like to see more preppy subjects here.  I don't mind.  I've often wondered how far astray from that universe I could go before driving some of my readers mad.  You've been tolerant of my rants and private peccadilloes.  Thank you.


Nantucket Lightship Basket (with scrimshaw whale)

So without further ado, Five Things That Make This Preppy's Life Better

1)  Personalized stationery, ideally engraved.  Whether you select Crane's, Terrapin Stationers, Smythson's, or Tiffany's (or any other brand), you are more likely to actually write a letter or a note if you have paper that you like.  Furthermore, your name is always your brand.  You don't have to change it.  When you run out of paper, you still have your die, which you can use on different paper with a different-colored ink.  (Practical!)

2)  Coasters.  Only much too late did I figure out that coasters are necessary.  My parents' coffee tables were glass or marble, so rings were easily wiped off.  However, I used to have a beautiful leather-topped coffee table.  Then the exhibits would leave their juice or water glasses on it, or someone (it could have been me that one time) left a mug of hot coffee on the surface and somehow it spilled (it was an accident, I swear it!)  We have all matter of coasters at our house -- everything from equine prints to pop art.  I switch them up all the time, but they are always on hand to protect our wooden tables.

3) Salted almonds.  Have them on hand.  If you pour some in a pretty bowl, ta da!  You have snacks for guests.  If you need a snack and are disciplined, eat just 7 of them, like Barack Obama.  Either way they are a staple at my house.  And they go with any cocktail.

4) An outerwear vest:  As we say about the weather this year:  WHAT?  


In NY we have experienced almost every kind of weather since January.  We have lily and crocus dying in the frost.  We have birds whistling in the naked branches.  We have a forecast of 57 degrees farenheit and snow in a single day's forecast.  It's crazy.  I've become dependent on my old midnight blue Loro Piano vest (it is technically the innards of a jacket) which fits under a lightweight parka or even under a trim cloth coat.  I'm sick of it -- (it is April 6th, after all)-- but glad for it.  You might have a down vest or a Polarfleece one.  I'm sure it's been pressed into service this year.  If you don't have one, I highly recommend you find one.  They are available at many price points, and many silhouettes.



(You didn't think I'd forget Robert Mueller, did you?)  By the way, Mr. Mueller attended Princeton Country Day School, St. Paul's School, "where he was captain of the soccer, hockey, and lacrosse teams and won the Gordon Medal as the school's top athlete in 1962",  Princeton University (BA), NYU (MA), and the University of Virginia Law School (JD).  

Have a lovely weekend!


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