Just when I thought I had it all figured out, something crummy happened to me, and I took it out on the WRONG PERSON.  (I hate when I do that.) 



And then, still feeling sour, I realized it was time to write the blog, in which I scour my life for good feelings, even when they are not fully palpable.  


That's the way it's going to be today.  This dog's expression, though doctored (what you kids call "Photoshopped") is exactly right.  



1)  I love cottage cheese, and yet I forget that I like it for months at a time.  Today it was better than ever.  I'm the only one in my household except for #ExhibitD -- Henry, the dog -- who likes it.  But as a professional scavenger, Henry doesn't count.  He'll eat anything.  Today the cottage cheese was especially satisfying.   If this makes me seem weird or grannyish, so be it.

2) I haven't confessed my love for "The Americans" before.  I am addicted to this program.



It's carefully and ingeniously wrought.   I don't think I'm smart enough to pick up on all the hints the writers offer up on who will be doing what to whom.  My partner figures them out and is sometimes incredulous by how much passes me by, but unlike him, I have very little experience in spy-procedural-crime tv and movies.  If you haven't watched it at all, you need to start at the beginning.  This is the final season, and I'm curious and not at all sure how it will end.  One thing is for sure:  the character of Elizabeth Jennings, played by Keri Russell, is the worst mother I've ever observed on tv.  It only makes me love Philip Jennings, her husband more.

[If you're an aficionado of the show, can you please tell me when/if Stan and Renee got married? And what happened to his son?  Thank you.]

3) The concept of a worldwide Facebook Boycott.  I don't know much about it other than it's planned for May 25th - June 1.  (Sorry if your birthday falls then.  I believe my college reunion will be happening then as well.)  It's not just that Zuckerberg, Sandberg, et al haven't protected our information.   I enjoy Facebook less and less.  One of the best instincts I ever had was to NOT EVER load Facebook onto my phone.  In my crowd -- of 25 people? -- in between TrumpHannityGiulianiCohenStormyIvankaJaredManafort, I am reading about the deaths of loved ones, the loss of jobs, and the college placement of kids.  Sometimes it makes me feel stuck.  Mostly it makes me blue -- not the FOMO so much as the time lost while speed-reading through.  May 25-June 1 I'll be away from Facebook, along with many others.  


4)  Thank you notes.  I appreciate them, I like them, I endorse them.  I adore receiving them.  They make people feel good.  Gratitude is underrated, not matter how many people use the term.

5) The man:  Robert S. Mueller, III


Have a great weekend.  

It's rosé season!

Lisa xx