Will the pace of crazy news ever slow down again?  When I think back to life BT (Before Trump) it seems like a relatively slow, serene walk in the park compared to now.  I used to marvel at photographs of our presidents over their four year terms and was often surprised by how quickly they aged in office.  That aging is happening to me.  


But still we survive another week.

Without further ado, I offer you my five things that helped me get through the week.  In no particular order:


1)  A great hairdo.  (Are they called "hairdos" any more?)


I had my hair blown dried at a salon near my house last weekend.  It was the more expensive of the local places, and very crowded, but I had been curious about it.  The man who did the honors did a great job -- (I know because of my "Compliment Counter" -- patent pending) and because it lasted almost a week.  And because I felt better about my appearance all week.  (If you needed reminding that I am not good at grooming my own hair, all you have to do is look at the pictures on this website.  And yet, I own several hair brushes.)

2) Spring weather.  It helps.  It helps a lot, even if we're all sneezing a bit.

3)  Reupholstery.   It's like getting new furniture at a fraction of the cost!  I just had a pair  of chairs recovered, and they pop in my living room.  (It's the small things, sometimes.)

4)  The Visitors to Versailles exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum.  A small exhibit, but beautifully done.  The audioguides are seriously transporting -- you are at once a courtier at the court of one of the Louis-es.  (That's challenging punctuation, and probably incorrect.)  Then you are a foreign emissary coming to pay respects from your country -- and getting outfitted à la the French kings.  With the sounds of horses and music and guests , the audioguide is a vacation in itself.  The costumes and furnishings and architecture of the palace are fascinating too.  What started as a (relatively) humble country castle became a virtual town within its own walls.  Come to the Metropolitan Museum if you're in New York.


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5)  Robert Mueller, I do hope you're feeling well!  Do you need some Kleenex?  Antihistamines? Sleep?  Orange Juice?  A weekend off?  No pressure, but we are counting on you, sir.


Take care of yourself, Mr. Mueller!  And all of you, too.

xx Lisa